Lab Members


Jacob Socolar, Post-doctoral Researcher
Jacob’s research focuses on the spatio-temporal ecology of North American birds in the context of global change



Valerie Steen, Post-doctoral Researcher
Valerie is investigating the distributions and biodiversity of birds in the context of breeding bird atlases





Manette Sandor, PhD student
Manette is studying climate change impacts on fleshy-fruited plants and the birds that disperse them




Austin Spence, PhD student
Austin is researching physiological limitations to geographic distributions in hummingbirds




Andrew Stillman, PhD student
Andrew is investigating the ecology of post-fire avian specialists




Genevieve Nuttall, MS student
Genevieve is interested in how environmental change affects plumage pigmentation in birds




Nick Russo, BS student
Nick is studying the dispersal of the invasive hemlock woolly adelgid by birds


For a complete list of collaborators and co-authors,
see Google Scholar or ResearchGate