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Loffland, H.L., J.S. Polasik, M.W. Tingley, E. Elsey, C. Loffland, G. LeBuhn, R.B. Siegel. In Press. Bumble Bee Use of Post-fire Chaparral in the Central Sierra Nevada. Journal of Wildlife Management.

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Tingley, M.W. 2017. Turning Oranges into Apples: Using detectability correction and bias heuristics to compare imperfectly repeated observations. In Stepping in the Same River Twice: Replication in Biological Research (A. Shavit & A.M. Ellison, Eds.), pp. 215-233. Yale University Press.

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MEE_CoverPhotoTingley, M.W., R.L. Wilkerson, C.A. Howell, and R.B. Siegel. 2016. An integrated occupancy and space‐use model to predict abundance of imperfectly detected, territorial vertebratesMethods in Ecology and Evolution, 7:508-518. [link]

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Kurz, D.J., A.J. Nowakowski , M.W. Tingley , M.A. Donnelly , and D.S. Wilcove. 2014. 2014. Forest-land use complementarity modifies community structure of a tropical herpetofaunaBiological Conservation, 170: 246-255. [link]

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